What we do

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs subsidizes the support of Dutch prisoners abroad in the areas of rehabilitation, mental care and legal assistance. Foundation Dutch&Detained receives a subsidy for providing legal assistance to Dutch citizens detained in concern-countries. Dutch&Detained advises in individual cases and is committed to fair procedures. Help from Dutch&Detained is free of charge. After an initial assessment of the case, it is determined whether, and if so, how we can help.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs distinguishes between two categories of countries. The countries that comply with a number of minimum conditions regarding detention conditions on the basis of international agreements and treaties are listed. The other countries are called ‘concern-countries’.

Dutch&Detained focuses only on Dutch prisoners in the concern-countries. If you are detained in a country that is on the country list, we advise you to contact the Lawyers Across Borders foundation.

List of countries

Andorra – Australia – Belgium – Bulgaria – Canada – Cyprus – Denmark – Germany – Estonia – Finland – France – Greece – Hungary – Ireland – Italy – Iceland – Croatia – Latvia – Liechtenstein – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Malta – Monaco – New- Zealand – Norway – Austria – Poland – Portugal – Romania – San Marino – Slovenia – Slovakia – Spain – Czech Republic – Vatican City – United Kingdom – Sweden – Switzerland

Dutch&Detained does not provide assistance in the countries mentioned above. You can contact the foundation Lawyers Across Borders.

Local lawyer

Dutch&Detained may not act as a lawyer abroad. A detainee therefore always needs a local lawyer. Dutch&Detained can help you find a local lawyer

Legal support

Dutch&Detained can help with:

– the choice of a local lawyer;
– explanation of the criminal procedure;
– determining your case strategy;
– supplying relevant information from the Netherlands; and
– the choice for a possible WOTS request.

Confidentiality and exchange of information

Contact with Dutch&Detained is always confidential. In order to properly protect the interests of a detainee, it is sometimes necessary to share information between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foreign Office of the Probation Service in the Netherlands and Epafras Foundation. Good collaboration between these parties is in the interest of the detainee, given the fact that in case of a detention abroad the possibilities for direct contact with the detainee are often limited. Only in a small number of cases, Dutch&Detained will be able to visit a detainee in prison.

The information to be shared between the above parties will mainly relate to the procedure, the wellbeing of the detainee and the conditions of detention. The contents of a case, such as a possible confession, will never be shared without explicit consent of the detainee.

Dutch&Detained can also maintain contact with a contact person specified by the detainee.


Do you need help or someone you know? Please contact us.